Your Dream Kenya Safari Experience

Go on a Tailor-Made Adventure

To soar across the savannahs of the Masai Mara is a once in a lifetime experience and for first-time visitors embarking on a game drive, it is one of the most exhilarating activities we offer. In our comfortable, specially designed safari 4X4 vehicles, we set off in search of giraffes, rhinos, and lions. While the schedule is up to you and you have complete flexibility from the moment you step foot in Losokwan Camp, we recommend early morning or late afternoon game drives as the best times to see wildlife. During these cooler, more productive hours’ game is at its most abundant, and photography conditions are simply spectacular. And speaking of photography, our safari vehicles come equipped with battery charging stations to ensure you never miss that perfect shot. 

Game Drives

Losokwan Camp sits in the heart of the Masai Mara ecosystem, with no fences separating us from the animals, meaning we don’t have to travel long distances for staggering wildlife viewing opportunities. You will see wildlife closer than you could ever have imagined and feel the thrill of being alongside some of the world’s most incredible animals as they walk freely in the wild. 

There will only ever be a maximum of six guests on our game drives to ensure every seat has unobstructed views of the landscape, although we also offer private drives on request. 

Hot Air Balloon over the Plains

Imagine watching the sunrise across the plains of the Masai Mara from the gently swaying basket of a hot air balloon. You will soar with the birds over the waking animals below in one of the most unforgettable experiences imaginable. From this unique angle, you can watch herds of elephant troop regally along or spy zebra tearing across the plains in a plume of dust. Due to high demand, we recommend booking hot air balloon trips in advance. 

Bush Walks 

Our guides know the Masai Mara National Reserve intimately and under their intuitive and expert guidance, you can embark on a bushwalk, stepping through the dusty savannah in the giant footsteps of elephants and lions.


This slow-paced experience brings the plains to life, giving you the chance not just to encounter wild animals up close, but to soak up the smells, the birdlife, and the magic of the Masai Mara. 

Meet the Masai Communities

A community visit is a cultural tour where guests have an opportunity to meet local people and enjoying cross-cultural interaction.


Kenya is home to an extraordinary array of different cultures, and incorporating a well thought out visit to the local community is (we think) an essential part of any Kenyan adventure.

Unwind with a Sundowner

At the end of a blissful day filled with wildlife adventures, take your place for a legendary safari experience; the sundowner. Whilst you sip on cocktails and revel in stories of the day’s sightings, nocturnal animals will be emerging.


Regular visitors to our camp include aardvark, bat-eared fox, Genet Cat, as well as big cats like lions and leopards. Under the cover of darkness, you may witness animals which will make this a drink to remember. 

Our Guides

All our guides are members of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and have taken exams setting high standards of service delivery to you. They are consistently retrained and their skills refreshed to ensure their deep and intuitive knowledge of the bush and wildlife-spotting abilities are kept refreshed. We also have a resident, award-winning birding expert in our team and we offer birding safaris as one of our many activities. 

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