Wildlife Spotting

Exciting Activities Await

Our Conservancy offers hard-hitting game-viewing throughout the year and comprises open savannah and a tree-lined section of the Mara river with high concentrations of plains game and the wildlife numbers are particularly intensified during the annual wildebeest migration.

Activities while numerous are tailor made to fit your preferences and there is absolute flexibility in choice and timings. The choice of things to do during your stay is abundant and we have no set programmes.


Game Drives

The True Masaai Experience

Game viewing begins right from your room in your own private hide from where you can relax and watch the action on the plains without disturbing the fauna on the Masai Mara plains.

Your stay with us offers absolute flexibility. From night game drives to meals in the bush (while on the trail of

game) and game walks by trained guides who are armed. You get to plan your stay and to enjoy your kenyan safari at your pace. Losokwan has no set programmes or conditions in camp although we can offer suggestions to enrich your experience.

Our game drives are conducted in customized

four wheel drive vehicles which may be shared with other guests, although exclusive use of a vehicle is available at an extra charge. We, however, insist on a maximum of six guests per vehicle to ensure that every seat on the vehicle has an unobstructed view of the action. We also offer bean bags to support your camera and our vehicles have pots to juice-up batteries while out in the bush so you wont have to miss that perfect photographic opportunity as a result of low charge.


We recommend early morning and late afternoon game drives as these are the most productive hours for game viewing and the temperatures are more pleasant when out on the plains. Watching wildlife at close range is available, but off-road driving is strictly prohibited to protect the delicate flora in the Masai Mara ecosystem. We therefore only drive on the desginated roads but our driver guides’ instincts and long experience provide superb photo opportunities of wild animals.

The Great Migration

Thrillingly Beautiful

The jewel in Africa’s crown is home to year round concentration of wildlife as well as the host of one of Africa’s greatest wildlife spectacles – the thunder of the great migration when millions of wildebeests and large numbers of zebra traverse the Maasai Mara in search for greener pastures. This truly is a once in a life time experience that every safari enthusiast should not miss.


Accompanied by gazelle, eland, topis and Impala, this giant herd of grazers is closely followed by Africa’s retinue of predators - Lion, cheetah, leopard, hyena, taking full advantage and exploiting the brief abundance the migration delivers. Circling vultures over the half-dozen or so kills over our pristine corner of the Masai Mara tell of their nocturnal exploits every morning.


This natural spectacle normally happens from mid July to end of October and our camp puts you in the heart of the action with all the grunts and snorts of the inundating ungulates providing unrivalled game viewing and photographic experiences of the Mara.


Everything You Need To See

If you’re interested in safari, you may have heard of the “Big Five,” a term big-game hunters came up with for the five most difficult African species to track and hunt on foot. Though all five species—lion, leopard, elephant, black rhinoceros, and African buffalo—are indeed big, hunters singled out these species not because of their size, but because of the danger and difficulty involved in bringing them down.

At Losokwan Camp we are determined to help you find the BIG FIVE and spot and spot them in their true beauty. This is something you want to experience!

Walking Safari - Approaching game on the Mara plains on foot is perhaps the most exhilarating experience. Care must, however, be taken when approaching some animals and our experienced guides who have grown up in the Mara and therefore have intimate knowledge of the bush as well as animal behaviour will guide you through the bush walk as you interact with insects, birds and animals.

Other Activities

Cultural Visits

We encourage you to visit the local Maasai community to experience their culture and way of life which has remained unchanged for centuries despite the rapid advancements in technology that have gripped much of the rest of the world. Known for their attractive beadwork, spear in hand and bright red colouredshukkas” (blankets worn as clothes), they live with their cattle side-by-side with the wildlife in the Masai Mara ecosystem.

We also arrange cultural evening performances by Maasai warriors or ladies within the camp or where you get to interact first-hand with and attempt their famous jumping dance.

Hot Air Ballooning 

Losokwan offers hot-air balloon safaris over the Mara plains soon after dawn providing a spectacular view of the wildlife sanctuary from a bird’s eye view. The flight presents a unique safari experience soaring over the plains offering opportunities for photography and video filming. Balloon flights should, however, be booked in advance due to demand.


Extra Information

All our guides are members of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association and have taken exams setting high standards of service delivery to you. They are exclusively born and raised in the surrounding area just outside the conservancy and hold incredible bush knowledge and spotting abilities. Significant interest in the improvement of their skills and as a result, besides having silver KPSGA qualification, one of our guides recently graduated as an ornithologist!

Round off your afternoon adventure with a sundowner at our special sundowner spot and watch the beauty of the sun as it melts down into the horizon spiced with a selection of drinks, cocktails and delicious bitings. The nocturnal animals like aardvark, bat eared fox, Genet Cat and the big cats like lions, leopards become active around these hours as they start to hunt. This present a great opportunity to be able to spot some of the amazing wildlife moments that happen under the cover of darkness and it sure do deserve your toast! This also offers amazing opportunities for photographic session.

Other activities include: birding, visit to the Ol Chorro Rhino sanctuary, picnics and sundowner excursions and visits to the local shopping market in Aitong on Thursdays.

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